Want to Make a Mole Hill Out of a Mountain?

Well, with our Pinzgauer you can do just that!!!!

Texas Pinzgauer, Inc. began business in 2003 and is located in San Antonio, Texas.

We provide top-notch Pinzgauers with exceptional quality at affordable prices, while focusing on great customer support.  Through our commitment, experience and expertise, we have established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

History of the Pinzgauer

The Pinzgauer was originally designed by Steyr, Daimler and Puch about 30 years ago.  Its original purpose was farm use.  Later it was adopted by the military.

Today the Pinzgauer is used by the military as a troop transport, by local authorities such as the fire departments and by outdoorsman for hunting and photo safaris.  This vehicle is an awesome machine with a lot of potential and many uses.

There isn't much you can't do with a Pinzgauer.  Texas Pinzgauer offers these unique vehicles as is or we can customize it according to your wants and needs. Options include:  hitch receiver, front steps, rear step, hunting racks, cab riser, towing package, etc.

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Models and Pricing

710 M Convertible Top 4-Wheel Drive Subject to availabiltiy Starting at $12,500 + TT&L
710 K Hard Top 4-Wheel Drive Subject to availabiltiy Starting at $15,800 + TT&L
712 M Convertible Top 6-Wheel Drive Subject to availabiltiy Starting at $18,500 + TT&L

All Models Include the Following:

Air Cooled Four Cylinder 90 hp Puch Engine
5 Speed Transmission w/ High and Low Ranges
Street Legal --- Top Speed 65 mph stock 
16" Rims with Accommodate Standard Tire Sizes
Independent Suspension at each wheel
Smooth Ride
18" of Ground Clearance
Fold down windshield
Removable Cab Windows
Empty Weight of 4300 Pounds
Direct from Switzerland, Austria, & Germany
Parts easily available in US
Service available in San Antonio

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Address:  8615 N. New Braunfels, San Antonio, TX  78217     Telephone:  (210) 821-5640

Contacts:  Rue Ferguson (210) 827-2104